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Investment Types:


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Our Bonds:

The bonds we introduce you to offer our investors fixed and stable returns. Our partners pride themselves on providing security and reliability to your portfolio. Briga Wealthintroduces you to a number of investment options to suit you and your requirements.

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How Do Bonds Work?

Bonds are one of the many ways that companies can raise finance. You, the investor, loan your money to a company selected by our criteria. The company, the bond issuer, in turn, pay you, the bondholder, a fixed rate of interest for lending them that money over an agreed term.

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How Bonds Suit You:

There are many investment opportunities that cover different industries. Your opportunity to invest in a bond could have interest returns between 8%-12%, with options around taking regular income or to compound the interest until the agreed maturity. Bonds give you great flexibility and relative protection.

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How Bonds & Your Investment Are Protected:

Protection is sought through putting you, the investor, first. Bonds are secured against the assets of the company you are investing in. You will have first legal charge over these assets. It is important to understand that these security measures are not a guarantee of repayment and in certain instances, a given companies assets may not be realised to return investor’s capital.

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What is EIS & SEIS Investment?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) & Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) have received ongoing support from successive governments. The schemes encourage investment in small, high-growth businesses that demonstrate high potential in promising markets. Various tax reliefs have been allocated to reduce risk and maximise return on investment. The tax incentives offered under these agreements are without doubt very attractive.

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How do we help?

Briga Wealth can act as the investment introducer for you. We will identify suitable companies that meet our stringent criteria, before introducing you the opportunity to invest as a sole investor, or as part of a group/fund.

Get in touch today to learn more about our selection criteria and find the right EIS or SEIS Investment for you.


Private Placements

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What is a Private Placement?

Private placements are a capital raising event that involves the sale of tailored securities to a small number of suitable investors. Investors involved in private placements can include banks, funds, insurance companies and pension funds.

We introduce private placements which differ from public issues where securities are made available for sale on the open market to any investor.

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Private Placements Investments:

Private placements can be used for a range of purposes. A company may benefit from one by raising important capital. They are also common in newly emerging product offerings, such as Financial Technology (FinTech).

This form of investment tends to be faster and can yield higher rates of return. If you’d like to get started, contact us today to hear more!

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